Introduction to home exchange

Home exchange is a mutual exchange of homes, usually at the same time, for a holiday in your own country or abroad. As home exchange is a direct swap of homes, there are no rental charges for either party, making it a very economical way to travel.

The advantages of a home exchange

  • no hotel bills
  • live like a native; experience a different culture first hand
  • meet local people
  • enjoy all the space and convenience of staying in a real home
  • reassurance that your home is occupied whilst you’re away
  • if agreed, your plants and pets cared for by your exchange partner
  • toys, books and often babysitters and local playmates for your children
  • save on car rental costs by exchanging cars
  • cut down on expensive restaurant meals

Please refer to FAQ for answers to the most commonly asked questions about home exchange and features of the service provided by Guardian home exchange. Additional options describes other choices you may like to consider along with home exchange, the most popular option.

Your exchange partners' home may be similar in size and type to your own or totally different. All that matters is that you are both happy with the exchange arrangements you have agreed. Please read Organising home swaps, for step by step Guidelines to help you arrange a home exchange.