Cava De Tirreni

A delightful mix of old and new, the flat is on the 2nd floor of a traditional old building in the center of the medioeval town of Cava.

The well-equipped kitchen has a breakfast bar, and there is a dining table in a recess in the living room. Washing machine, WiFi and flat screen TV.

We have two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen and a big living room.

About the location

Cava de` Tirreni is an ancient and historic city, today inhabited by over 50,000 inhabitants distributed in the village and in more than twenty villages, which give Cava de` Tirreni the characteristic of a "star city".

Its first inhabitants, of the "terre de la Cava", were the Tyrrhenians, a nomadic Etruscan tribe, whose presence is documented by archaeological finds kept in the Museum of the Benedictine Abbey and in the civic Antiquarium.

In Roman times it was a renowned holiday destination chosen by the nobility of Rome.

Remains of temples and villas from the Roman era, probably belonging to the Gens Mitilia, were found in the ancient villages of Vetranto and S. Cesareo. Other remains from the Roman era were found in various areas of the territory, especially in the northern area, on the border of the Roman settlement of Nuceria Alfaterna.

It was inhabited by the Lombards, whose civilization is still evidenced by a series of ancient towers built for the Game of Pigeons and by many toponyms, dating back to the three centuries of Lombard domination (9th-11th centuries).

In 1011 the Benedictine Abbey of the SS. Trinity.

Since 1700 Cava de` Tirreni was a renowned destination for tourists and travellers. Neapolitan painters of the nineteenth century preferred it for its pleasant views, for its panoramas rich in greenery and marine backgrounds.

From the 18th century to the early 20th century, Cava de` Tirreni was an obligatory destination for a large flow of travelers who gave life to the Grand Tour.
Important figures of the time such as Goethe and Kniep (1787), Hackert (1792), Bourgeois (1804), Michallon (1817), Wan Day (1820), Coignet (1821), visited the city of Cava and remained enraptured by its beauties.
After the Great War (1915-1918) the territory of Cava de` Tirreni was recognized as a "Resort and Tourism Station".

Cava de` Tirreni is a selected tourism location: it offers culture, history, architecture, art, environment, pleasant woods and verdant hills close to the sea, mountain excursions and itineraries between the greenery and the sea.

Cava de` Tirreni is forty kilometres far from Naples and 20 km from Pompei is also 10 km far from Amalfi coast.

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Cava De Tirreni (HE42809)

Salerno,   Italy

  • 2 bed   (sleeps 4) 3 bath

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