About Guardian home exchange

Home Base Holidays operates this site on behalf of Guardian News & Media Ltd.

The First Home Exchange Alliance (FHEA)

The First Home Exchange Alliance is a business organisation founded in 1999 by established independent home exchange agencies that had worked together co-operatively for over 10 years. Home Base Holidays is a founder member of FHEA.

Purpose of the First Home Exchange Alliance
  • To promote the home exchange concept widely
  • To ensure high standards of service
  • To ensure privacy to members
  • To share listings between agencies to provide a larger choice of exchange offers for all members

FHEA agencies provide a wide selection of new, descriptive exchange offers throughout the year. Although we aim to provide a large range of up-to-date listings in several countries worldwide, the balance of listings between different countries is equally important to ensure members have the best chances of arranging the swaps they want.

Access to FHEA Listings Worldwide

By joining Guardian home exchange you have access to listings from all FHEA agencies. There is no need to join more than one agency in the group (see list of member agencies below).

First Home Exchange Alliance Member Agencies

Home Base Holidays Home Exchange (England), Green Theme International (France), The Invented City (USA)